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About the Teacher



Heather Ying He is a noted artist and widely recognized teacher of both children and adults.


Winner of “Best Instructor of the Year” by Henan University in 1991, she applies over 20 years of child and adult teaching experience effectively and with extraordinary success - proven by her students having won 28 art competition awards at local, state, national and international levels in just the past 5 years.


Exhibited widely at galleries in several states, she has won numerous personal awards in various mediums, including winning the prestigious “Best in Show” award in Dallas for the first pastel she ever did, expanding her mastery beyond drawing and painting by adding pastel to her repertoire and demonstrating her commitment to continued learning and personal growth.

About Class & Schedule

Classes cover a broad range of artistic styles and content, as well as a wide variety of mediums.


Mediums include pencil, color pencil, crayon, oil pastel, marker, watercolor, acrylic and clay.   She also offers digital mediums utilizing software on iPad and other tablets and personal computers. Regardless of your age and skill level, her small studio-based classes provide a supportive environment that allows her to provide customized individualized instruction targeted towards the skills, talents and developmental needs of each student.


Classes vary in duration in order to accommodate individual scheduling needs and recognize the differences in the attention spans of people of different ages.


Classes are offered for 1, 11/2 or 2 hours and are held on evenings and on weekends.

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